Daily Devotional – 1/23/13 “Praying for us!”

Our Father, whose name is sweet upon my ears, who comforts me in my lonely hour, who wipes my tears when no one can, who allows His spirit to abide in me when I can’t find words to say, whose hands can heal me and arms can hold me without touching my flesh, who gives me new mercies every day even when I’m not worthy, who puts life back into the body I sometimes take for granted, who gives me strength to stand when I should have fallen down, who gives me joy when I should be sad and depressed, who feeds me when I should be hungry, who protects me when I should be in danger, who uses me when I am just a filthy rag, who guides me even when I don’t follow direction … God; holy is thy name! And as I petition your throne this morning, I’ve got to thank you for being just who you said you would be. I’ve got to thank you for the folks who look to me for encouragement and for the gift of encouragement that you give me daily. God, I must thank you for it all because without you, I am nothing. Oh, God now I need a specific blessing for your people now because somebody is struggling in a battle that’s not even theirs to fight. They are still trying to change somebody who is not willing to change themselves. They are still tied to someone who is unequally yoked to them and it’s killing their spirit. They are holding on to some mess from their past and it’s tormenting their future. They can’t see the doors that you’ve opened for them because they are too concerned with the ones that have closed so God, I need you to deliver them now. Someone has been bound with the chains of depression, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, low hope, non-existence joy, overbearing guilt or grief, should haves and would haves; God, I need you to break them now. Someone is looking at what they’ve been through instead of realizing they are no longer there. Someone has tied themselves to the rock of past mistakes, past issues, past sickness, the name they used to be, the person they used to be and the things they used to do so God, I need you to shake the ropes loose. Then God, anoint their head and eyes in order to see and understand the change you’ve made in them. Regulate their mind to accept the change and move on. Anoint their shoulders and the muscles and bones in their body so that they can handle the stress and burdens better. Guide their hands and feet so that they no longer walk and do the same thing. Anoint their tongue so they no longer talk the same. Anoint their heart so they can love better. God, I need to you wash them and make them act and feel brand new so that even though their outer appearance doesn’t change, the change will be evident in their work. Oh, God; do it now. Someone is calling on you to change their situations, their circumstance, to calm their storm, to dry their tears, to remove the hurt from their hurt, to break down the walls they’ve put up that keeps ruining their relationships and to remove the blinders from their eyes so that they can see the evil that has surrounded them. God, do it now. Someone is crying out to you, God, I need you to see about them now. I decree and declare that on today burdens will be made lighter, heartache and broken spirits will be healed, enemies will be made footstools, backbiters will be changed, finances will be made better, debts will be lowered, sicknesses will be healed, paths will be smoother, obstacles lowered to go over, mountains easier to climb, valleys filled to swim across, fake friends will find fake friends, true friends will find true friends, robbers & murderers will be delivered, whoremongers will be changed, liars will be delivered, false prophets will be brought down, molesters and rapists will be found, missing children and adults will be brought home, abusive spouses will be held accountable for their actions, wayward children will act right, depression will cease, bullying will be no more, suicides will stop, soldiers will be brought home and our president will be safe and able to lead. God, I speak these things because you’ve given me the power to do so and I believe that it shall come to pass. Please, God, continue to allow your gift to manifest within me, continue to guide me so that my walk gets better and newer every day, continue to use me God so that my gift open doors to the many that needs to hear and read your word. Thank God for your mercy and for your grace. Amen.


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