Daily Devotional – 9/19/18 “Spiritual or Situational?”

Yes, we are promised suffering and while this could be one of those posts, it’s not. Truth is, sometimes the stuff we go through is because of us, not God trying to teach us a lesson neither is it the enemy testing our gangsta. Fact is, it is US. We did it and unless we can face it, own up to it and do better, we will always find ourselves in the “pit.” When it’s really not a pit but a predicament. Yes, the checking account is temporarily out of funds but that is because we overspent and did not balance accordingly. That attitude you have has nothing to do with you getting up on the wrong side of the bed because we all know you sleep on and get up on the same side every day. Your bad day consist of a flat tire (from that pothole you hit), traffic (you left late and were caught in a school zone), left your badge (you did not put it where you normally do) and being late (you overslept); this is not God punishing you. The problems in your relationship could very well be the enemy working but how will you know if you cannot tell the difference between an evil spirit and you talking too much to the wrong person? Oh, the reason you maybe stagnant spiritually is not because God told you to stand still but truth is, you are angry He did and now you will not glean where you are.

Look, beloved, what you are experiencing is situational, not spiritual and you need to be able to tell the difference. Warfare is spiritual but an overdrawn checking account is situational. God’s rejection is spiritual but your fleshly clap backs is situational. What Job experienced was spiritual but this; the thing you are dealing with is a situation. Paul’s thorn was spiritual but that thorn of a relationship you know is wrong is a situation. David’s experience in the pit, spiritual but you losing your job because you do not know how to talk to folk is situational. Suffering for God’s sake is spiritual but suffering because you need the new pair of Jordan’s is situational. Isaiah said in Isaiah 8:11-12, “The LORD took hold of me with his powerful hand and said: I’m warning you! Don’t act like these people. Don’t call something a rebellious plot, just because they do, and don’t be afraid of something, just because they are.” Yes, we have to suffer, sometimes. Yes, we will face spiritual attacks. Yes, weapons will form against us. Yes, we may get rained on by the storms of life. However, not everything we face it spiritual. Sometimes the very thing we go through is because we have allowed flesh to lead. So ask yourself this question, “Is what I am facing spiritual or situational?” This will determine how to resolve it.


Daily Devotional – 9/18/18 “Because you moved!

On Sunday, I preached a message from Isaiah 62 and I want to share a part of it with you today. This might not be for everybody but for somebody who has heard God but afraid to move. Maybe the assignment seems too big. Maybe the move He told you to make is outside your comfort zone. Maybe He gave you a message that is not what you would normally say. Maybe He is sending you back to a place that holds bad memories. Maybe He has told you to reach out to somebody who hurt you before. Maybe He told you help somebody who still owes you money. Maybe, what you have heard does not make sense but I need you to be obedient because this next move could be the very move to crown you. What do I mean? I will explain. Have you played checkers before? I have not so I had to study up on the game. In checkers, the object is to capture all of your opponent’s pieces or place them in a position where they have no available moves. However, the only movement you can make is one space diagonally forward. If you happen to make a move that causes you to jump your opponent, you are then able to take their checker piece. You and your opponent take turns until one of you wins. Here is the blessing I got from checkers … When you reach the end of your opponent’s board, you get to crown a checker turning it into a king checker. Once it has been crowned and it becomes king, the king checker now has power it did not have before.

Pay attention because I need you to see why your obedience is necessary, in this season.

Before, your checker piece looked like your opponent’s, only a different color but now it stands taller and becomes more noticeable. In other words, you can tell it apart from the rest because you moved. Before, you are only able to move forward but now you can move forward and backwards on the same turn. In other words, because you moved you are able to make moves you could not make before. Beloved, I do not know what God has told you but be obedient and move. I do not know the assignment He has placed before you but be obedient and move. It may not make sense but be obedient because this move is about to give you power you did not have before. Yeah, you may have to leave some people behind but be obedient. It may take a few moves to get there but be obedient. It may not make sense to your natural but move. Because you moved, you are about to tap into a favor you didn’t even know you had the ability to possess. Because you moved, you are about to experience some stuff you thought you were not worthy of. Because you moved, things are about to line up. Because you moved, favor shall be your portion!